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2010, 3

A. Akhtyamov, A. Karimov

Diagnostics of crack location in a rod using natural frequency of longitudinal vibration

language: Russian

received 28.12.2009, published 03.03.2010

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The article suggests a method that allows to calculate the location of a crack in a rod using natural frequency. Cases of flexible and rigid fixing of left end of a rod are considered. The first case is simulated by mechanical system having two degrees of freedom and the second one - by the system with one degree of freedom. A crack is modeled by a spring.

Key words: nondestructive testing, rod, crack, natural frequency.

6 pages, 3 figures

Сitation: A. Akhtyamov, A. Karimov. Diagnostics of crack location in a rod using natural frequency of longitudinal vibration. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2010, 3.


Гладвелл Г. М. Л. Обратные задачи теории колебаний. М.-Ижевск: Институт компьютерных исследований, 2008, 608 с.


Azamat Akhtyamov - doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, leading researcher at Institute of Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Bashkiria, Ufa. Research interests: the theory of identification of boundary data, spectral theory of operators, mathematic methods in economics.

e-mail: AkhtyamovAM(at)


Azat Karimov - a post-graduate of Mathematical faculty of the Bashkir State University. Research interests: vibrodiagnostics.

e-mail: Azat7777(at)