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2006, 4

A. F. Kurchanov

Bearing of low noise object by combined receiver

language: Russian

received 17.01.2006, published 24.01.2006

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The problem of determination of direction towards low noise object and its underwater noise levels in the presence of noise from a surface of the sea is considered. Results are obtained using polynomial of the second degree of sound pressure and oscillatory velocity averaged in time. Precision of bearing is increased more than a three times as compared with bearing determined using power flow. Noise stability is 4-5 dB greater. Requirements for accuracy of receiver production can be decreased. The algorithm provides the most advantage in a frequency range above 2 kHz.

10 pages, 5 figures

Сitation: A. F. Kurchanov. Bearing of low noise object by combined receiver. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2006, 4.


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Anatoly Kurchanov, PhD, principal research fellow at All-Russian scientific research institute for physical-technical and radiotechnical measurements (VNIIFTRI)

e-mail: x-tolik(at), kurchanov(at)