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2017, 3

A. D. Lapin

Absorption of a sound by a grating of resonators with a friction in a standing field

language: Russian

received 18.05.2017, published 20.06.2017

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The problem of the scattering of sound from the grating of Helmholtz resonators with friction is considered. This grating is located at a distance D from the wall, characterized by reactive impedance. The solution is obtained by the self-consistent field method. It is shown that a grating of resonators with a certain friction located at the antinode pressure of the total field of the incident and reflected waves completely absorbs the reflected resonant frequency wave.

Key words: Helmholtz resonator, effective impedance, diffraction grating, self-consistent field method.

6 pages, 0 figures

Сitation: A. D. Lapin. Absorption of a sound by a grating of resonators with a friction in a standing field. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2017, 3.


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Alexander Lapin Alexander Lapin graduated from the Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University, radiophysics faculty in 1954. Doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor. Since 1954 he works at the Andreev Acoustics Institute, currently he is the chief researcher. Research interests: propagation and diffraction of waves.

E-mail: lapin1932(at)