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A. Maizel

On sound field of a source placed close to rigid prolate spheroid

language: Russian

received 17.11.2006, published 29.12.2006

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Acoustical field of the point monopole located near a pole or equator of the absolutely rigid immovable prolate spheroid is considered. It is shown that presence of such body close to the sound source can distort essentially the far field of the source. Areas of sound amplification and reduction are observed. It is also shown, that spheroid screening effectiveness in the area of the acoustical shadow is not significant in studied frequency range.

Keywords: diffraction, sound field, spheroid, monopole, screening effectiveness

13 pages, 9 figures

Сitation: A. Maizel. On sound field of a source placed close to rigid prolate spheroid. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2006, 19.


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Alexander Maizel graduated from Marine Technical university (former Leningrad shipbuilding institute), hydrodynamics and acoustics department, in 1978. Presently he is a head of acoustics department at Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute. Scientific interests: computing techniques and noise control in marine engineering.