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2015, 7

V. Mitsianok

On the problem of identification and verification of a person by the phases of voice sounds

language: Russian

received 14.07.2015, published 27.07.2015

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The method of approximation is applied to the study of mathematical peculiarities of sounds A, O, U, E, I, IU of human speech. It is found, that the half-integer frequencies (with respect to basic frequency) really exist in spectrum of these sounds as they exist for sounds Z, ZH (and their soft variants). The new phase criterions of distinguishing the different persons and different sounds are found. The dispersion of new criterions is notably less in comparison to the dispersion of former criterions. It means that the problems of computer verification of a person become notably easier. The tables and graphs illustrated new results are presented.

Keywords: speech recognition, computer verification and identification of persons.

12 pages, 9 figures

Сitation: V. Mitsianok. On the problem of identification and verification of a person by the phases of voice sounds. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2015, 7.


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Viachaslau V. Mitsianok, born 1951, Ph.D, associate professor at Mathematics & Computer Science department of Polessian St. Univ., Belorussia. Dissertation (1975) was devoted to the problems of the motion of bodies in General Relativity. Scientific interests is in theoretical physics, theory of Variable stars, mathematical processing of signals, image recognition.

e-mail: mitsianok(at)