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2014, 12

N. Parfentyev

Invariant of mechanical system with viscous friction

language: Russian

received 25.07.2014, published 06.12.2014

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The singular point is found as a result of analysis of a model of the oscillatory circuit. Module of impedance at a particular frequency is independent of the resistance. The specified frequency is Fr/20.5 (Fr is the resonance frequency of circuit for a small value of resistance). The model of a mechanical system with viscous friction described by similar equations is presented. Description of the model also includes the point where the modulus of mechanical resistance is independent of the coefficient of viscous friction. The use of effect in electroacoustic measurements is suggested.

Key words: mechanical system, mechanical resistance, viscous friction.

4 pages, 2 figures

Сitation: N. Parfentyev. Invariant of mechanical system with viscous friction. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2014, 12.


1. Парфентьев Н. А., Парфентьева Е. Н., Севастьянов С. И. Особенности резонанса токов в реальном колебательном контуре, Известия ВУЗОВ, «Электроника», 2014, №5.


Nikolay Parfentyev - PhD, researcher at Research Institute of Optical and Physical Measurements, associate professor at University of Cinematography. Research interests: acoustoelectronics, modeling of physical processes and measurement systems.

e-mail: nik_parfenium(at)