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2005, 20

S. Yu. Gurevich, Kh. B. Tolipov

Rayleigh wave scattering by surface fracture

language: Russian

received 13.05.2005, published 17.06.2005

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Within the framework of the linear theory of elasticity the Rayleigh wave diffraction on an inclined plane is considered. The solution of the problem of disturbances generation initiated by the wave being incident is obtained by means of spectral method. The expressions found describe spatial structure of the diffracted waves well going with known measuring. Coefficients of transmission and reflection of surface waves are determined as well as directivity patterns of longitudinal and transverse waves diverging from the surface.

10 pages, 8 figures

Сitation: S. Yu. Gurevich, Kh. B. Tolipov. Rayleigh wave scattering by surface fracture. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2005, 20.


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S. Yu. Gurevich – prorector at South-Ural State University, Ph.D., Doctor of Science, professor. Scientific area: condensed state physics, magnetic phenomena physics

e-mail: prorector(at)


Kh. B. Tolipov – associate professor at South-Ural State University, department of general and experimental physics, Ph.D.
Scientific area: testing methods in manufacturing engineering.

e-mail: thb(at)