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2011, 12

S. Voronkov

On arising of turbulence in viscous heat-conducting gas

language: English

received 29.08.2011, published 08.11.2011

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A mechanism of turbulence arising in viscous heat-conducting gas is considered. It is found, that linear Hooke’s Law connecting the change of pressure and relative volume deformation is broken. The small acoustic disturbances of density, which take place in a viscous heat-conducting gas flow, produce nonproportional pulsation of pressure, thus turbulence appears. The results of computing and experiments are presented.

Keywords: turbulence, viscous heat-conducting gas.

6 pages, 3 figures

Сitation: S. Voronkov. On arising of turbulence in viscous heat-conducting gas. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2011, 12.


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Sergey S. Voronkov graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (Russia) in 1979, PhD. Presently he is head of department at Pskov Polytechnic Institute. Scientific area: hydrodynamics, nonlinear acoustics.

e-mail: voronkovss(at)