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Content 2002

2002, 15

Z. Chama, M. E. Louhibi, M. F. Belbachir, A. Djebbari

Two dimensional signal reconstruction from its spectral phase

2002, 14

E. R. Zagidullin, S. M. Gavrilenko, B. S. Semukhin, M. M. Chuhlantseva

Modernization of pulses automatic circulation method for determination of ultrasound speed in dependence of applied stress

2002, 13

Yu. M. Zaslavsky

On excitation efficiency of the fast and slow Biot waves in water and gas saturated media

2002, 12

A. Jagniatinskis, B. Fiks

About the declaration of noise emitted by technical devises

2002, 11

Z.M. Xu, R.Y. Shen, H.X. Hua

Coupling vibro-acoustic behavior from a submarine power cabin equipped with floating-raft isolating systems

2002, 10

Andrei V. Vassiliev

About automobile low-frequency noise reduction by complex using of active noise control

2002, 9

Golovanov V. I., Slavyaninov V. N., Fedorov V. K.

Noise silencer for gas jets with large flow rate

2002, 8

Ayman A. Al-Maaitah, Kamal Kardsheh

Flow-induced vibration of a Y-shaped tube conveying fluid

2002, 7

A. Bounoua, S. M. A. Wady, M. F. Belbachir

A comparative survey for an adaptive FIR filter design in image compression by wavelets decomposition

2002, 6

A. G. Troshin

Structural energy flows in water filled pipes: implementation of measurement technique based on PVDF reusable strain gauges


Z. Chama, M. F. Belbachir, Z. Mahdjoub

The importance of spectral magnitude in signal through a noisy channels in data transmission

2002, 4

Leonid Dunayevsky

Relations between dwelling price and noise factor in Moscow

2002, 3

Ayman A. Al-Maaitah

Exact solution of linear parametrically excited system with transient frequency modulation

2002, 2

Igor V. Grushetsky

Critical remarks on standard calculation technique of ventilation noise


Dragan D. Mančić, Milan Dj. Radmanović

Piezoceramic ring loaded on each face: a three-dimensional approach

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