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Content 2003

2003, 21

Abdelhafid Kaddour, J. M Rouvaen, M. F. Belbachir

Simulation and visualization of loudspeaker's sound fields

2003, 20

Abdelhafid Kaddour, J. M Rouvaen, M. F. Belbachir

Electrodynamical loudspeaker modelling and characterization

2003, 19

Gratiela Hincu

Computer assisted evaluation of traffic noise level

2003, 18

Long-Jyi Yeh, Ying-Chun Chang, Min-Chie Chiu

Shape optimization on constrained linearly expanded tubes by using genetic algorithm

2003, 17

L. A. Slavutsky, M. V. Nikandrov, D. B. Turhanov

Control of liquid flow profile from mode structure of ultrasonic signal

2003, 16

M. Badaeva, G. V. Udalov

Interaction of misaligned cylindrical surfaces through a gap between them, which is filled with liquid

2003, 15

Abdelhafid Bessaid, Hassane Bechar, M. Karim Fellah

Image analysis and pattern recognitionas tools in map interpretation

2003, 14

M. A. Kurbanov, M. A. Ramazanov, G. M. Geydarov

Three-phase piezoelectric composite for the gauge registration of arterial pulse waves


T. S. Komashinskaya

Numerical study of inverse extreme problems of active sound control in two-dimensional multimode waveguides

2003, 12

K. I. Matveev, F. E. C. Culick

Limit-Cycle Properties of a Rijke Tube

2003, 11

G. St. Velev, V. V. Latkovski

A method of ultrasonic study of materials

2003, 10

German A. Maksimov, Aleksei V. Radchenko

Modeling of oil production intensification at acoustical treatment from a well

2003, 9

Igor V. Grushetsky

SEA and sound radiation from ventilating system terminations

2003, 8

Yu. M. Zaslavsky

Analysis of oscillations of a spherical cavity located in elastic media

2003, 7

A. Hallouche, H. Aourag

The influence of the temperature on the power structure behaviour

2003, 6

M. Yu. Martynov, I. A. Vagenik

Hydroacoustical Database

2003, 5

Yu. V. Van’kov, R. B. Kazakov, E. R. Yakovleva

Natural frequencies as diagnostic criteria for flaw detection

2003, 4

M. Bouziani, A. Djebbari, J. M. Rouvaen, M. F. Belbachir

Performance Analysis of Wide Band MC-CDMA

2003, 3

D. A. Kas’yanov

Some features of non-compensated piezoceramic antenna radiation in borehole

2003, 2

M. Djebbouri, D. Djebouri, R. Naoum

Fourier and wavelets for blind image restoration

2003, 1

A. Seddiki, A. Djebbari, J. M. Rouvaen

Using Stationary Wavelet Transform in BCH Image Coding

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