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2003, 6

M. Yu. Martynov, I. A. Vagenik

Hydroacoustical Database

language: Russian

received 28.01.2003, published 25.02.2003

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The submitted database serves to process a plenty of hydroacoustical and contiguous data. The information was accumulated during numerous experiments on a shelf of the Japanese Sea and it includes geological and meteorological parameters. Feature of this database is an opportunity to process the information which have been obtained using vector receivers. The database is intended for use by the researchers and scientist.

8 pages, 7 figures

Сitation: M. Yu. Martynov, I. A. Vagenik. Hydroacoustical Database. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2003, 6.


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Martynov Mikhail Yuryevich - post-graduate student at POI FEB RAS. Topic of the thesis - "Consistent processing of vector hydroacoustical fields in shallow sea". Scientific interests: hydroacoustics, vector receivers of a sound, features of sound distribution in a shelf zone.

E-mail: marmikh(at)


Vagenik Igor Anatolyevich - post-graduate student of the department “Hydroacoustics and Ultrasound technology”, faculty of electronics and televisions, IRIET FESTU.· Topic of the thesis - "Automatic forecast of hydroacoustic field parameters". Scientific interests: hydroacoustics, vertical distribution of a sound velocity.

E-mail: Igor_via(at)