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2005, 4

A. Tahri, A. Draou

Modeling of a nonlinear control method applied to an advanced static VAR compensator

language: English

received 20.10.2004, published 07.02.2005

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The paper deals with the modeling and control of an advanced static VAR (Volt Amperes Reactive) compensator (ASVC) system with self controlled DC bus which employs a three phase Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) voltage source inverter. The ASVC system is modeled using the d-q transform and employs a programmed PWM voltage wave shaping pattern stored in an EPROM to simplify the logic software and hardware requirements. The inverter system can compensate leading and lagging reactive power supplied by the load connected to the supply. This model is used to design an efficient control strategy based on the control of the phase angle of the switching pattern. Simulated results obtained with Matlab are also presented and discussed to validate the model.

12 pages, 13 figures

Сitation: A. Tahri, A. Draou. Modeling of a nonlinear control method applied to an advanced static VAR compensator. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2005, 4.


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Ali Tahri was born in El Biodh Naama in Algeria in November 1962. He received the Ingeniorat d'Etat, and the M.Sc. degrees from the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria in 1992, 1997 respectively all in electrical engineering and is currently pursuing the Ph.D degree in the department of Electrical Engineering, USTO, Algeria. His main research interests are in the field of analysis, modeling and simulation of power converters, and the advanced static VAR compensation systems. He is now an assistant professor at electrotechnics department of the University of Sciences and Technology (Oran, Algeria) and member of the Applied Power Electronics Laboratory.

e-mail: altahri(at)


Azeddine Draou was born in Maghnia, Algeria in 1955. He received the B.Eng degree from Sheffield University, UK in 1980, the M.Sc degree from Aston University in Birmingham, UK in 1981, and the Ph.D degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 1994 all in Electrical Engineering. From 1982 to 1986 he was a senior Engineer for Sonatrach Ammonia plant, Arzew, Algeria, where he was in charge of the maintenance of static and rotating electrical equipments and responsible for the operation of a 5MW turbo alternator group connected to the national grid. In 1986, he joined the department of Electrotechnics at the university of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria as a lecturer. He was promoted to Assistant Professor in 1989, Associate Professor in 1996. He is now on leave from his university.
He has published over 100 papers in technical journals and conference proceedings. He has also co-authored in the "Power Electronics Handbook" edited by Dr. M.H.Rashid, with Academic Press in 2001. He received the IEE Japan medal for the 1994 annual meeting.
He is a member of the technical program committee of several international conferences in the Power Electronics and motor drives field.
His main area of research includes power electronics, static VAR compensation, multilevel inverters, intelligent control of AC drives, UPFC and FACTS devices.
His current activities include direct torque control, fuzzy control of AC drives; advanced static VAR compensation, and universal power line conditioner.
Dr. Draou is a Senior member of the IEEE Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Industry Applications, Energy Conversion, Power system, and Power Delivery societies.

e-mail: adraou(at)