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Content 2005

2005, 39

S. V. Shlychkov

Wave field of sounding board in dependence on geometrical and physical parameters

2005, 38

A. Kazemi, A. R. Entezary

Voltage stability assessment by dynamic PV curve and time domain simulations with developed STATCOM model

2005, 37

Y. B. Gandole, S. P. Yawale, S. S. Yawale

Simplified instrumentation for ultrasonic measurements

2005, 36

V. N. Khmelev, I. I. Savin

Enhancement of ultrasonic effect on work medium in technological systems by means of optimizing the electric matching mode

2005, 35

O. P. Skljarov

Speech rhythm disorders arising as result of synchronization induced in couple oscillators (short report)

2005, 34

O.P. Skljarov

Scenario of the acoustical speech rhythms as a tool for researching of brain functioning

2005, 33

V. N. Khmelev, A. V. Shalunov, R. V. Barsukov, S. N. Tsyganok, A. N. Slivin

Ultrasonic sputtering for polishing in semiconductor industry

2005, 32

Kh. B. Tolipov

Model of surface wave propagation along the edge of wedge

2005, 31

N. V. Volkova

Built-up rubber-metal vibroisolators

3005, 30

S. R. Stefanov, V. P. Masljanyi

Research of flow speed field in some regions of the Baltic Sea

2005, 29

A. M. Gavrilov, R. O. Sitnikov

Nonlinear dispersion of a three-frequency wave packet in nondispersive quadratically-nonlinear medium. Experiment

2005, 28

A. M. Gavrilov

Nonlinear dispersion of a three-frequency wave packet in nondispersive quadratically-nonlinear medium. Theory

2005, 27

A. F. Kurchanov, V. K. Maslov

Measurements of sound power from a source in the presence of noise using combination receiver. Analytical solution

2005, 26

V. N. Khmelev, S. N. Tsyganok, R. V. Barsukov, A. N. Lebedev

Half-wave piezoelectric ultrasonic oscillating systems

2005, 25

Ben S. Cazzolato, Colin H. Hansen

Strain sensing of interior structural radiation modes on a simply supported panel

2005, 24

I. Grushetsky, A. Smol’nikov

Determination of coupling loss factors for two beams using FEM

2005, 23

Riccardo Leonardi, Elisabetta Ronchieri

Scattering of a distribution of encapsulated gas bubbles, a computer model

2005, 22

Hitoshi Ogawa, Mitsuo Ohta, Hirofumi Iwashige

Some objective and subjective evaluation methods for room sound, illuminance, temperature and electromagnetic environment

2005, 21

Yu. Van'kov, E. Yakovleva

About one approach to an estimation of free vibrations decay

2005, 20

S. Yu. Gurevich, Kh. B. Tolipov

Rayleigh wave scattering by surface fracture

2005, 19

V. Goldovskij, A. Golubkin, A. Korovkin

Statistical approach to definition of dome influence on sonar characteristics

2005, 18

S. A. Soliman

Power systems harmonics and inter-harmonics identification: a power quality issue

2006, 17

V. N. Khmelev, A. N. Slivin, R. V. Barsukov, S. N. Tsyganok, A. V. Shalunov, I. I. Savin, S. V. Levin

Research the process of ultrasonic welding during the packaging a foodstuffs into polymeric film packs

2005, 16

Abdel Ghani Aissaoui, Hamza Abid, Mohamed Abid

Fuzzy sliding mode control for a self-controlled synchronous motor drives

2005, 15

Sylvio R. Bistafa, Milton V. Granado, Jr.

A survey of the acoustic quality for speech in auditoriums

2005, 14

A. Kurematsu, M. Nakano-Miyatake, H. Perez-Meana, E. Simancas-Acevedo

Performance analysis of Gaussian Mixture Model speaker recognition systems with different speaker features

2005, 13

M. Carfagni, R. Furferi, F. Miniati

Design and optimization of a new range of low sound emission generating set

2005, 12

Abdelkader Benaissa, Mohamed Karim Fellah, Ahmed Massoum

Harmonic reduction based on active solutions

2005, 11

M. Kandouci, S. Mottet, C. Kandouci

A model for the conduction in polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors

2005, 10

Rachid Guelaz, Djilali Kourtiche, Mustapha Nadi, Patrice Roth

Double element ultrasonic piezoceramic transducer modeling with VHDL-AMS: application to B/A nonlinear ultrasonic parameter measurement in pulse-echo mode

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