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2005, 32

Kh. B. Tolipov

Model of surface wave propagation along the edge of wedge

language: Russian

received 20.09.2005, published 29.09.2005

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Nowadays a lot of waveguide devices are based on the surface waves. However, such drastic disadvantages, as bunch broadening, ineffective use of substrate area, complexity of curvature of acoustic line warping, greatly limit their wide application in industry. More effective are waveguide devices where the wave is limited in the transversal direction. Wave energy in such waveguide is concentrated near the wedge edge and wave velocities are less than the Rayleigh wave velocity on the plane surface. Up to now the only means of waves analyses were numerical and experimental. In this article a mathematical model is proposed which describes spatially located wave beams which are the mains form of wave motion along the edge. Calculations of wave fields, formed close to the edge, which satisfy equations of motion and boundary conditions, are carried out. Dispersion relation for waveguide modes is derived. Computing and experimental results agree well.

7 pages, 4 figures

Сitation: Kh. B. Tolipov. Model of surface wave propagation along the edge of wedge. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2005, 32.


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Kh. B. Tolipov – associate professor at South-Ural State University, department of general and experimental physics, Ph.D.
Scientific area: testing methods in manufacturing engineering.

e-mail: thb(at)