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2005, 21

Yu. Van'kov, E. Yakovleva

About one approach to an estimation of free vibrations decay

language: Russian

received 24.01.2005, published 01.07.2005

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One of the approaches to an estimation of vibrations decay at nondestructive testing by a method of free vibrations is considered. The approach on the basis of robust estimation of vibrations decay is suggested. The estimation of decay parameters is being done using integral signal and at separate frequencies. The technique of robust estimation of vibrations decay parameters is presented. Examples of practical application of the developed technique are shown. The concept of an initial peak spectrum is introduced.

14 pages, 5 figures


appendix 1 (pdf, 60 kb, zip), appendix 2 (pdf, 110 kb, zip), appendix 3 (pdf, 200 kb, zip)

Сitation: Yu. Van'kov, E. Yakovleva. About one approach to an estimation of free vibrations decay. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2005, 21.


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Van'kov Yury V. graduated from the Kazan State University (faculty of physics), doctor of technical sciences, a head of Industrial Power System department at Kazan State Power University. Scientific interests: low-frequency acoustic methods of control, application of computers in scientific researches, statistical processing of measurement results.


Yakovleva Elvira Ravhatovna graduated from the Kazan State University (faculty of applied mathematics and cybernetics), a programmer, a teacher at the university. Scientific interests: programming, numerical methods, application of computer in scientific researches.

e-mail: e_yakovleva(at)