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2012, 1

V. N. Khmelev, S. N. Tsyganok, S. V. Zmanovsky, S. S. Khmelev

Ultrasonic device for improve atomizing of molten metals

language: Russian

received 28.12.2011, published 18.01.2012

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The article is devoted to the development of special ultrasonic device with vibratory system for imposing of mechanical vibrations to the atomizing nozzle at atomizing of aluminum. The construction of ultrasonic vibratory system with the flowing cooling volume for compensation of a nozzle heating by molten metal is describes. The article presents data on practical application of ultrasonic device for the existing production process of obtaining aluminum powder. The obtained results show the effectiveness of ultrasound treatment to increase the fine fraction of aluminum powder.

Key words: ultrasound, atomizing, powder metallurgy, ultrasonic device

10 pages, 10 figures

Сitation: V. N. Khmelev, S. N. Tsyganok, S. V. Zmanovsky, S. S. Khmelev. Ultrasonic device for improve atomizing of molten metals. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2012, 1.


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Vladimir Khmelev is a deputy director at Biysk technological institute, professor, doctor of science. He is a honored inventor of Russia and Laureate of Russian Government premium for achievements in science and engineering. Area of scientific interests is application of ultrasound for an intensification of technological processes.

e-mail: vnh(at)


Sergey Tsyganok - docent at department of measuring methods and means of ASTU, Ph.D (Machinery). Area of scientific interests is development and designing of piezoelectric ultrasonic systems


Sergey Zmanovsky is a Managing Director of «SUAL-PM» (manufacturing company). Since 2011 he has been heading Innovation Center of Powder Metallurgy «RUSAL» (aluminium production).


Sergey Khmelev is a senior teacher at department of measuring methods and means of ASTU.
Area of research interests is development and modeling of ultrasonic vibratory systems and influence by ultrasonic vibrations on high viscous liquids.