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2006, 13

Stjepan Lakusic

Impact of tram traffic on noise and vibrations

language: English

received 28.07.2006, published 21.08.2006

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The most important form of the public transport in town Zagreb is tramways, with 120 km of the tram tracks and 450,000 passengers transported every day. The noise and vibrations are today one of the major causes of reduced quality of life in the urban environments. That is confirmed by more and more frequent complaints from the citizens living and working in the urban areas along the traffic corridors with heavy road and tram traffic. This paper shows the survey on impact of tramway traffic on noise levels and vibrations. The tram vehicles from four manufacturers were considered: Duro Dakovic (Croatia), CKD Tatra (Czech Republic), Düwag (Germany) and Koncar (Croatia), which are used by the Zagreb Electric Tramways (ZET) company. The research also covered the new, low floor tram type TMK 2200, manufactured in Zagreb, and started being exploited in June 2005. The results of this research helped ZET to decide on the tram types first to be replaced with the new ones, and also provided specific guidelines for design and maintenance of the tram tracks, all that to undertake adequate measures to reduce noise and vibrations.

10 pages, 11 figures

Сitation: Stjepan Lakusic. Impact of tram traffic on noise and vibrations. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2006, 13.


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Stjepan Lakusic, Ph.D, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, (Zagreb, Croatia). Currently is assistant professor in the Department of Transportation Engineering at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering. Scientific area: permanent way of railway and tram tracks, noise and vibrations computing and measurements.
e-mail: laki(at)