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2009, 4

A. I. Maksachuk, G. V. Leonov

Optiko-acoustic method for remote control of disperse particles sizes

language: Russian

received 27.03.2009, published 12.04.2009

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The article deals with the method of measurement of size and number of disperse particles for technological purposes, for the estimation of quality and efficiency of technological processes. Some space filled with dispersed particles is probed by beam of low-power laser radiation. Simultaneously with probing laser radiation, dispersed particles are exposed to ultrasonic excitation. Oscillating dispersed particles may be assumed as scatterers with dynamically changing shape of surface. Intensity of light, scattered at these particles, is time-dependent as well. Using dynamic component of radiation, scattered and reflected from dispersed particles, natural frequencies of mechanical oscillations and particle sizes are defined.

Key words: disperse particle, optiko-acoustic method, probing radiation, ultrasonic, natural frequencies.

14 pages, 7 figures

Сitation: A. I. Maksachuk, G. V. Leonov. Optiko-acoustic method for remote control of disperse particles sizes. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2009, 4.


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Alexander Maksachuk - senior teacher at Biysk Technological Institute. Scientific interests: monitoring systems, computer simulation, dispersive analysis.

E-mail: aim0(at)


Gennadij Leonov - director of Biysk Technological Institute, Dr.Sci.Tech., professor, academician of the World Academy of sciences of Complex Safety, member of the Siberian Academy of sciences of the higher school. Scientific interests: computer simulation in product quality control (chemical industry).

E-mail: leonov(at)