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2005, 8

M. V. Nikandrov, L. A. Slavutsky

The ultrasonic doppler control of the inhomogeneous open liquid flow

language: Russian

received 16.03.2005, published 29.03.2005

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The experimental and theoretical results obtained by complex (doppler and pulse) ultrasonic sounding of the open liquid flow is considered. The accuracy of the doppler measurements taking into account the inhomogeneous and depth of the liquid flow is estimated. Doppler signal, detected after scattering, has amplitude modulation which depends on phase inclusions (bubbles) concentration in the liquid and therefore the width of the doppler spectrum varies. Digital spectral processing of the ultrasonic signals allows to reduce a statistical error of the flow measurements. The analysis of spectral width gives us the possibility to determine the low level of the doppler flowmeter sensitivity and the application limits for traditional formulas for flow speed profile.

9 pages, 6 figures

Сitation: M. V. Nikandrov, L. A. Slavutsky. The ultrasonic doppler control of the inhomogeneous open liquid flow. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2005, 8.


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Maxim V. Nikandrov graduated from the Chuvash State University, faculty of radioelectronics and information science (2000). Scientific interests: High-frequency acoustics methods of control, information technology in scientific researches, statistical processing of measurement results.

e-mail: nixmak(at)


Leonid A. Slavutsky graduated from the Moscow State University, physical faculty (1982). Presently the professor of the Chuvash State University. Scientific interests: wave phenomena and statistical methods of the experimental data processing. The author more than 90 papers.

e-mail: las_co(at)