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Author guide

Manuscripts submitted to the journal must be original.

Manuscripts are reviewed.

Manuscripts will be screened for plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

How to publish the article: main steps

  1. Send abstract to Igor Grushetsky (editor2(at), editor of the journal. If your paper meets subjects of the journal you will be asked to send full text for reviewing. Article size limit is 16 pages A4.
  2. You may recommend us experts (names, e-mails) whom you consider as the best reviewers for your article. Your original manuscript will be sent to reviewers. We ask referees to review papers within two weeks.
  3. After positive reviewers’ comments we accept the paper. You receive acceptance message by e-mail. Some revision and improvement (more or less) of the paper are always necessary. With acceptance message you get a list of requirements and suggestions on the article correction.
  4. Use our Instruction for Manuscript Preparation when preparing the paper.
  5. You make payment
  6. Supply us the following additional information:
    - your photo and photos of your co-authors in JPG format. Try to make the photos as good as possible.
    - short information about you and your co-authors: place of employment, position, scientific area, home page addresses, any other proper data. This information (and photos) will be placed on web page with abstract of your paper.
  7. You make the paper better according to reviewer’s and editor’s suggestions. We work with you on article improvement. When the article is ready for publication and the payment have come we place your article into the journal.

Article Charge (payment)

EJTA is available without charge to readers. Therefore we have to get fee from authors. The article charge is 150 EURO or 200 USD. If you and your co-authors are undergraduate students the payment is 60 EURO (90 USD), but paper is limited by 6 pages and 300 kb disk space. The detailed instruction on payment you receive after your paper has been accepted for the publication.

Instruction for Manuscript Preparation

Use, please, template (doc, zip, 70 kb) when preparing manuscript.

We are aware that it is pleasant to nobody to read instructions. General requirements in "Technical Acoustics" are the same as for any other scientific journals. Therefore, we enumerate only 8 clauses, which are the most important for us:

  1. We recommend to limit article by 8 pages (A4, 210x296 mm). The articles longer than 16 pages will not be accepted. Maximum file size of the article in PDF is 1 Mb
  2. Use Microsoft Word 97 (or later) for Windows for manuscript preparation
  3. Margins from left, right, top and bottom of the text field are 2.5 cm
  4. Distances from sheet edges to running title are 1.5 cm
  5. Font for the body of the paper and abstract is "Times New Roman", 12 point size
  6. Spacing: single space for abstract, single space with multiplier 1.2 for article text, intervals 6 points from above and below of formulae, figures, tables. Spacing can be varied a little if it is necessary when you do layout the text
  7. Use default options of Microsoft Equation Editor when editing equations
  8. The same symbols in equations and in text must look identical

English speaking expert will not subject your manuscript to circumstantial lingual examination. So if you are not assured in your English ask your colleagues, whose native language is English, to help you in the manuscript preparation or involve they as co-authors. Editorial staff will not be responsible for lingual mistakes in your article.