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2014, 1

S. Shestakov

Non-parametric (phase) control cavitation in sonochemical reactor

language: Russian

received 23.12.2013, published 08.02.2014

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Ability to control the symmetrical sonochemical reactor for physico-chemical treatment of chemically pure water, and also true and colloidal aqueous solutions are described. Such reactors are useful, for example, in food industry, where different concentrations of NaCl solutions are processed. It is demonstrated that the development allows to get the highest acoustic power dissipated on the cavitation and maximum performance of reactor by nonparametric control cavitation without increasing the electrical power input. Effect is achieved due to the fact that the phases of emitters are always shifted in regard to each other in a predetermined angle.

Keywords: sonochemical reactor, nonparametric control cavitation

6 pages, 3 figures

Сitation: S. Shestakov. Non-parametric (phase) control cavitation in sonochemical reactor. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2014, 1.


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Sergey Shestakov - doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of MSUTM, Chairman of regional branch of the Russian Acoustical Society. Research interests: Systems analysis and mathematical modeling in the field of ultrasound technology and sonochemistry. Author of scientific discovery in the field of physics, four books and over one hundred scientific papers, has 12 registered software products, 65 inventions.

e-mail: sdsh(at)