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2006, 14

Andrey Troshin, Andrey Bykov

Implementation the active noise control to fan airborne noise of multimedia projector

language: English

received 23.08.2006, published 11.09.2006

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Implementation the active noise control technology using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core is presented. The case of airborne noise for EPSON projector fan is studied. The noise source ranking based on separate running method has been implemented to reveal the most significant noise source among three fans incorporated into multimedia projector. A short duct system containing noise cancelling speaker, reference and error microphones and DSP board with ported adaptive feed forward algorithm to cancelling critical tonal components of the fan noise were applied. The suppression of 6…10 dB for airborne noise of the fan in multimedia projector at tonal frequencies was obtained.

5 pages, 6 figures

Сitation: Andrey Troshin, Andrey Bykov. Implementation the active noise control to fan airborne noise of multimedia projector. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2006, 14.


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Andrey G. Troshin graduated Leningrad Electrical Engineering University (LETI) Electro physics faculty in 1984. He was working at Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, Division of Industrial Acoustics. Defended PhD in 2002 at St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television. Now he works at Samsung Electronics, Republic of Korea. Engineering interest: structural acoustic, passive and active noise control, low noise design, experimental methods in noise control engineering.

e-mail: atroshin(at)


Andrey V. Bykov, project leader and DSP programmer.
Acoustic solutions department at IT Magic. Co. Ltd. Seoul, Republic of Korea