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2011, 6

SangGon Cha, Andrey G. Troshin

Active noise control barrier for national road in South Korea: Part I Preliminary noise study and electro-acoustic hardware design

language: English

received 13.01.2011, published 16.03.2011

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Traffic noise annoyance in dwelling area like private houses and apartment is becoming very important issue nowadays in South Korea and need to be solved. In this paper frequency analysis of the traffic noise near highways was performed. Based on sound pressure levels analyses and theirs frequency content specific requirements for component of active noise control systems are formulated. Active compensational loudspeaker, microphone front end and DSP design were analysed, considered and proposed. Required components specifications and design solutions for electro-acoustic hardware are verified using experimental technique.

Keywords: noise barrier, noise levels, ANC (active noise control), active loudspeaker, DSP platform, adaptive algorithms.

11 pages, 6 figures

Сitation: SangGon Cha, Andrey G. Troshin. Active noise control barrier for national road in South Korea: Part I Preliminary noise study and electro-acoustic hardware design. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2011, 6.


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SangGon Cha obtained PhD in 2005 at KyongGi University of Architectural Noise and Vibration Engineering. His doctoral thesis is related to acoustic qualities of floor noise in apartment houses and he is currently working as a Chief Researcher in ANC System Technology Developing Association, a supported project by South Korean Government. Also, he is a Chief Executive of House Culture Research Institute, with being on the advisory NGO committee of 'Ministry of land, Transport and Maritime Affairs' as well as being an environment noise consultant of 'Korea Land & Housing Corporation' and a Korean Apartment Newspaper columnist in Republic of Korea.

e-mail : humic(at)


Andrey G. Troshin graduated Leningrad Electrical Engineering University (LETI) Electro physics faculty in 1984. Before joining SQ-engineering Co. Ltd. Republic of Korea as a Chief Researcher, he was working at Samsung Electronics, Digital Appliance Division, Republic of Korea and Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, Division of Marine and Industrial Acoustics, Russia. He defended PhD in 2002 at St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television. Engineering interest: structural acoustics, passive and active noise control, low noise design, experimental methods in noise control engineering.

e-mail: atroshin(at)