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2016, 1

I. V. Ushenina

FPGA-based Multi-Channel Adaptive FXLMS Filter Implemented as an Array of Processing Blocks

language: English

received 18.11.2015, published 29.04.2016

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The paper analyses the approaches to implementation of a multi-channel adaptive filter used as a controller of multi-channel active noise control systems. The advantages of filter implementation as the array of processing blocks are shown. The filter’s processing blocks are based on the DSP slices of field programmable gates arrays (FPGAs). The size of processing blocks array is defined by the number of channels in the filter. The paper also analyzes the dependency of maximum operating frequency on the array size for the presented architecture.

Key words: active noise control, multi-channel adaptive filter, processing block, DSP slice.

11 pages, 4 figures

Сitation: I. V. Ushenina. FPGA-based Multi-Channel Adaptive FXLMS Filter Implemented as an Array of Processing Blocks. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2016, 1.


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Inna Ushenina , PhD, is currently with the Department of Computing Machines and Systems of Penza State Technological University. Her research interests include signal processing, active noise control, and FPGA implementation of digital circuits.