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2003, 11

G. St. Velev, V. V. Latkovski

A method of ultrasonic study of materials

language: English

received 14.03.2003, published 03.06.2003

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Аn improved ultrasonic method for non-destructive testing of materials is proposed in the paper. Тhe method is capable of determining material structure and mechanical properties, whereas subsequent measuring devices are designed. Moreover, the method is tested by studying the structure and physico-mechanical properties of specimens and products made of steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys. A correlation between the ultrasonic velocity and attenuation is found, on one hand, and material structure, strength and elastic characteristics are analyzed, on the other hand.

7 pages, 4 figures

Сitation: G. St. Velev, V. V. Latkovski. A method of ultrasonic study of materials. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2003, 11.


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Georgy St. Velev – Research Fellow, PhD, Institute of Mechanics, Bulg. Acad. Sci., Sofia, Bulgaria.
Research interests: non-destructive testing of the physico-mechanical properties of materials, development of new methods and means for the study of materials and method scientific and practical application.

E-mail: unitest(at)


Valentin V. Latkovski – Research Fellow, Institute of Mechanics, Bulg. Acad. Sci., Sofia, Bulgaria.
Research interests – electronic measurements, industrial electronics.