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2007, 18

S. S. Voronkov

On velocity of sound and transition to turbulence

language: Russian

received 15.06.2007, published 17.09.2007

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It is shown that some zones of acoustic conductivity appear in centre of canal and near to the wall, when Reynolds numbers correspond to transition to turbulence. The sound velocity in the zones is higher than adiabatic value. Acoustic disturbances propagate in these conductivity zones with higher velocity. It leads to appearance of transverse pressure gradients in the canal and symmetric vortex structures. The results of computing and physical experiments are presented.

Keywords: turbulence, acoustic conductivity, sound velocity, acoustic disturbances

7 pages, 3 figures

Сitation: S. S. Voronkov. On velocity of sound and transition to turbulence. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2007, 18.


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Sergey Voronkov graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (Russia) in 1979, PhD. Presently he is a head of department of heating engineering and hydraulics at Pskov Polytechnic Institute. Scientific area: hydrodynamics, nonlinear acoustics.

e-mail: kafgid(at)