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2009, 3

L. R. Yablonik

Acoustic modeling of dissipative silencers

language: Russian

received 24.02.2009, published 07.04.2009

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To study acoustic properties of dissipative silencers, a simulation of sound propagation in two-medium region is considered. The first medium is an ideal compressible fluid with density ro and sound velocity c. The second one is a sound-absorbing material with acoustic properties determined by flow resistivity r. In this case, the non-dimensional frequency characteristic of the silencer efficiency depends on a ratio between linear dimension of the structure and characteristic scale L=ro*c/r only. Universal characteristics of lengthy dissipative silencers with fibrous absorbers are obtained within the given approach. Two-parameter model, which takes into account the relation between channel width and sound-absorbing panel thickness, is analysed. The validity of the one-parameter model that describes a non-dimensional frequency characteristic in dependence of the channel width is confirmed for thick panels. Calculations for both cellular and isotropic packing of sound-absorbing material in the silencer in case of thick panels are performed.

Key words: dissipative silencer, simulation, calculation

13 pages, 6 figures

Сitation: L. R. Yablonik. Acoustic modeling of dissipative silencers. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2009, 3.


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Leonid R. Yablonik - Dr. Sci., Polzunov Central Boiler &Turbine Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia. Scientific interests: hydrodynamics, acoustics, vibrations.

e-mail: shum11(at)