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2007, 20

Nora Vilchinska

Force chains in granular media and ultrasound impulse propagation in sand specimen under load

language: English

received 06.08.2007, published 29.10.2007

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An analysis of the pattern of stress chains in dense and loose sand and velocity of ultrasound impulse propagation in quartz sand under loading explains the mechanisms by which granular materials, such as loose and dense sand, respond to external loads. Experiments were carried out in pure marine quartz sand under load in a triaxial test camera.

Keywords: Granular media, dilatancy, nonlinear acoustics, ultrasound propagation.

5 pages, 3 figures

Сitation: Nora Vilchinska. Force chains in granular media and ultrasound impulse propagation in sand specimen under load. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2007, 20.


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Nora Vilchinska graduated from the Faculty of Physics at the Moscow State University in 1968. 23 years experience in geomechanic and geodynamic (laboratory and field research) in Soil laboratory, Institute of Marine Geology (Riga, Latvia). At present she participates in European Cooperation in field of Scientific and Technical Research - COST 534 “New Materials and Systems for Prestressed Concrete Structures”. Scientific interests: nonlinear acoustic and nonlinear nondestructive technique (NNDT), methods for inspection and monitoring.

e-mail: vilcinska(at)