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2015, 10

I. Y. Iliev

On the Fresnel zones of a circular transducer

language: English

received 10.07.2015, published 10.11.2015

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In classic acoustics one differs two areas around the acoustic source - near field and far field. There is a third area, called very near field, but it is mostly the subject of researches in the field of vibration mechanics. The near and the far field are often called Fresnel zones and Fraunhofer zone. In this work a criterion for determining the borders of Fresnel zones is proposed. The criterion is based on multiple examinations, researches and measurements of the spatial parameters and characteristics and some of the electrical parameters and characteristics of circular transducers (loudspeakers).

Keywords: near field, far field, Fresnel zones, Rayleigh integral.

9 pages, 8 figures

Сitation: I. Y. Iliev. On the Fresnel zones of a circular transducer. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2015, 10.


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Iliyan Yordanov Iliev was born in General Toshevo, Bulgaria, in 1984. He received his B. Sc. degree in Ship Electronics Engineering from Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy in 2008 and M. Sc. degrees in Communication Equipment and Technologies from Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria in 2012. He is currently a Ph. D. student in the department of Communication Equipment and Technologies, Technical University of Varna. Mr. Iliev is a member of FSTU Bulgaria. His research interests include the field of acoustics, radiolocation as well as signal processing and circuit and systems.

e-mail: iliyan.j.iliev(at)