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2009, 9

S. Muraviev

On application of Biot theory to spectral analysis of borehole sonic logging signals

language: Russian

received 07.07.2009, published 10.09.2009

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The paper describes some aspects of the application of Biot theory to sonic signals spectrum analysis. It contains some theoretical remarks about behavior of real rocks and fluids. There are also formulas for estimation rock physical properties by sonic signal spectrum characteristics. To find out these estimates, numerical methods are suggested. The approach can also be useful for a wide range of sonic measurements in the field of porous media acoustics.

Key words: Biot theory, porous media, sonic measurements, spectrum, sonic logging

15 pages, 6 figures

Сitation: S. Muraviev. On application of Biot theory to spectral analysis of borehole sonic logging signals. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2009, 9.


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Sergey A. Muraviev - post graduate student at information and measurements department in the Russian Gubkin State University. The main scientific interests are borehole acoustic logging and software development.

e-mail: muraviev.sergey(at)