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2013, 7

S. Shestakov, O. Krasulya, R. Rink, M. Ashokkumar

Sonication of dairy systems improves their properties

language: English

received 01.08.2013, published 04.09.2013

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The paper describes the results of recent research in the field of food sonochemistry dairy products which held in universities in Australia, Russia and Estonia. This research relates to technology preparation of mixtures from natural milk, vegetable fat and dry milk products with cavitation treatment using water. She is devoted to obtaining homogeneous dairy semi products, from which later produce dairy products such as cottage cheese or cheese where the bulk of the water is separated in the sera. It is shown that the sonochemical water treatment has a positive effect on the entire process and its outcome.

Keywords: Sonochemistry, water conditioning, dairy semi products.

9 pages, 4 figures

Сitation: S. Shestakov, O. Krasulya, R. Rink, M. Ashokkumar. Sonication of dairy systems improves their properties. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2013, 7.


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Sergey D. Shestakov - doctor of Technical Sciences, professor at Moscow State University of Technology and Management, Chairman of regional branch of the Russian Acoustical Society. He is author of scientific discovery in the field of physics, 4 monographs, 110 scientific papers, 62 patented inventions. His research interests: Systems analysis and mathematical modeling of ultrasonic technologies and related issues.

e-mail: sdsh(at)


Olga Krasulya - doctor of technical sciences, professor at Moscow State University of Technology and Management. Research interests include: technology of meat processing, modeling formulations, development of automated expert systems, applied sonochemistry author of three books, 120 articles in industry magazines, 12 patented inventions.


Raul Rink is working as an Engineer in Oil Tech Production. He is one of the members if the Board and Director of this company. His research involves the sonochemical treatment of water-fuel based emulsions industrial applications. He has a number of research projects in collaboration with Tallinn Technical University. He has published a number of research papers in the acoustics area and is a named inventor in four patents.


Muthupandian Ashokkumar is a Physical Chemist and is a senior academic staff member of the School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne, professor. His research involves
ultrasonics technology for improving the properties of dairy ingredients and also synthesis of functional nano- and biomaterials including protein microspheres that can be used in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. He has edited/co-edited several books and special issues for journals; published 190 refereed papers in high impact international journals and books; and delivered over 100 lectures at international conferences.