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2002, 10

Andrei V. Vassiliev

About automobile low-frequency noise reduction by complex using of active noise control

language: Russian

received 17.06.2002, published 30.09.2002

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The problem of automobile low-frequency noise reduction is very important due to the spreading for a long distances without significant absorbtion, passenger discomfort etc. For automobile equipped with internal combustion engine forming of either internal or external noise is mainly caused by engine operation. Complex approach to automobile low-frequency noise attenuation is suggested using active noise control method. Intercommunication of engine compartment and passenger compartment and cohearent low-frequency sound radiation by air-suctioning pipe and exhaust pipe are taking into consideration. Experimental unit, experiment methods, active noise control units construction with improved protection etc. are described. The ways of further investigations are suggested. Complex approach to active noise control method using is seems to be a promising solution for vehicles creation with improved environmental and consumer's qualities.

7 pages, 2 figures

Сitation: Andrei V. Vassiliev. About automobile low-frequency noise reduction by complex using of active noise control. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2002, 10.


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Andrei V. Vassiliev - head of R&D Laboratory "Vibroacoustics and Life Protection"; Professor of "Life Protection and Ecology" Department of Togliatti State University; Scientific advisor of postgraduate courses on vibroacoustics and labor protection; Doctor of Russian Academy of Natural Sc. (1999);
Actual member (academician) of International Academy of Ecology and life Protection Sciences (IAELPS).
Togliatti State University, Belorusskaya Str., 14, Togliatti, GSP, 445667, RUSSIA

e-mail: avassil(at)