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2004, 11

Sid Ahmed Zidi, Samir Hadjeri, M. Karim Fellah

The performance analysis of an HVDC link

language: English

received 10.06.2004, published 06.09.2004

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This paper presents the results of a simulation study on a 12-pulse HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) using a system in Simulink, specialized Toolbox in Matlab for simulating control systems. The object of the study was to investigate the steady state and dynamic performance of the system. First, response of current regulator after change in current reference is examined in order to see the behaviour of the controllers in controlling the desired current. Next, the digital simulation of a test system is presented and the response to a DC fault in the line and the AC fault at inverter side is shown. The results are evaluated to enhance the recovery of the system from the disturbances and voltage dependent current limits (VDCOL) for a full range of typical system disturbances. The presented approach benefits from Simulink’s advantages in modeling and simulating dynamical systems. The simulation results are compared with other studies using EMTP (Electromagnetic Transient Program) and EMTDC (Electromagnetic Transient Program DC Analysis).

9 pages, 6 figures

Сitation: Sid Ahmed Zidi, Samir Hadjeri, M. Karim Fellah. The performance analysis of an HVDC link. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2004, 11.


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Zidi Sid-Ahmed was born in Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria. He received the diploma of Electhrotechnic Engineering degree from the University of Science and Technology of Oran, Algeria. The Master degree, from the University of Djillali Liabes of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria in 1994. He is currently interested by the HVDC link and transient in power systems.

e-mail: sazidi(at)


Samir Hadjeri received the Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Laval, Quebec, Canada, in 1990. The PhD degrees from the University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria, in 2003. From 1991 to 2004 he was at the Faculty of Science Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria, where he was a teaching member. His research there focused on high voltage direct current and power system analysis.


Mohamed Karim Fellah was born in Oran, Algeria, in 1963. He received the Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Sciences and Technology, Oran, Algeria, in 1986, and The Ph.D. degree from National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine (Nancy, France) in 1991. Since 1992, he is Professor at the University of Sidi-bel-Abbes (Algeria) and Director of the Intelligent Control and Electrical Power Systems Laboratory at this University. His current research interest includes power electronics, HVDC links, and drives.