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2016, 6

S. Voronkov

On the law of turbulence emergence in a viscous heat-conducting gas

language: Russian

received 20.11.2016, published 06.12.2016

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It is shown that the obtained improved Hooke's law for viscous heat-conducting gas is actually a law describing the emergence of turbulence in this environment. It is noted that when analysing of the emergence of turbulence in the boundary layer it is necessary to take into account the compressibility of the medium and the dissipation of energy in a stream. The results of computing experiment are presented.

Key words: turbulence, viscosity, law of turbulence emergence, viscous heat-conducting gas.

9 pages, 9 figures

Сitation: S. Voronkov. On the law of turbulence emergence in a viscous heat-conducting gas. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2016, 6.


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Sergey S. Voronkov graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (Russia) in 1979, PhD. Presently he is head of department at Pskov State University. Scientific area: hydrodynamics, nonlinear acoustics.

e-mail: voronkovss(at)